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He has written hundreds of reviews for The New York Times, and his reviews and articles have appeared in New York Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, Penthouse, Entertainment Weekly, and numerous other publications. “First, the novel itself is at once engrossing and shocking. It deals with an aspect of our culture that is generally avoided. And, as one might expect given the unusual nature of the sexual and social scene that it portrays, it is raw and explicit. The appeal of Evards Rule and other stories the explore similar terrain – most prominent among them, The Story of O – derives more readers’ curiosity about the protagonist’s motives for accepting their depicted debasement that from the narrative explicitness.” “In addition, with its depiction of the Internet usage and the thriving sex scene offered by that medium, the book takes on aspects of a cautionary tale. Kelli Ann’s ultimate debasement and demise demonstrate that the shadowy BDSM world has moved from its isolated placement at the fringe of ‘polite’ society and, through the net, entered our living rooms where it is directly accessible to our families and children. That is perhaps the most chilling offshoot of this tale.” “Kelli Ann and the characters who appear in his novel are not outlandish or tawdry distortions, they are examples of realistic people who inhabit an underground world that may shock many and is disapproved of by most. But as the successful film adaptations of The Story of O and 9 and a half Weeks demonstrate, it is a world that intrigues even some of the most prudish among is.” By Anne D. Dembrich, Ph.D. private practice 1968 to 1992 – specializing in sexual dysfunction’s and recovery. “Although fiction, Edvards Rule accurately depicts many aspects of the BDSM lifestyle. There is a strong possibility that a ‘newbie’, or beginner may well be deterred from the pitfalls outlined in your manuscript if read prior to entering this lifestyle.”

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